Hi fellows!
Neverland is an hostel brought to life in 09/2008 by global group of people, as a project of alternative life & hosting.

Neverland is thought as a house, where people can easily share their time and enjoy the communication with other friends or being just at the center of everything.

BUILDING: Because it was an abondened textile factory before we run it and we completely designed the structure, it is the biggest hostel of the new town and has the largest rooms, wc's, kitchen & common areas. please check the pix.

LOCATION: It is 5 min. close to istiklal street, the sea, all the public transportations, 15 min. to oldtown and an hour to ataturk airport.

CHEAP: With the advantage of the building's history, we keep the rates as low as we can against the madly increasing expensiveness of beyoglu.

ATMOSPHERE: Completely home-style as an alternative to other hostels around. you can use your fridge and cook your dinner in the kitchen, use free bread & water, enjoy a chat thereafter with a cup of coffee or tea, free again. nothing is served, so please do not forget to leave your stuff or dishes back. we are travellers, experienced at other hostels before, aware of difficulties of being in an other culture, so please don't hesitate to ask any help or in info from us.

Hope to meet you here somewhere.
Not necessary to stay, just for a coffee maybe...